Terms & Conditions for Challenge

  • 5 Days/week according to your time
  • Over 30 minute a day according to your time
  • Time recommend: From Monday to Friday
  • Practice online with the community and leader from Monday to Friday (Setup with other member) via Zoom.
  • Self-training according to Ana’s videos suitable for your time, but need to send video and image reports to Leader at the end of the day
  • Send Before/After picture off yourself every day or week


  • Send a workout record of yourself everyday or Before/After picture if you do not join Zoom via
  • If you join Zoom, just take attendance with Leader

What if you miss a day ?

  • If you practice online with the community, please continue to practice and complete the missing training session yourself and send it to Leader
  • If you practice alone, continue to complete the missing session until you finish the course
  • Note: You will not receive 1 gift when participating in the challenge if you miss 2 sessions in a row without a good reason. In special cases, please notify the Leader, Ana team will review your case.

How To Win The Rewards Of The Course

  • You must complete Ana’s 25 training sessions via Zoom or send all 25 sessions to Leader.
  • Don’t miss 2 sessions in a row.
  • Ana will be the final judge to choose the winner with a spectacular change (weight, body shape, effort, inspiration, …).