Minh Mang Tomb Hue

I have been to Hue many times for work as well as for travel, each trip brought me different experiences and feelings.

Hue is famous for being the ancient capital of Vietnam and the resting place of the kings of the Nguyen Dynasty.

People will only think of historical sites such as the Citadel, mausoleums, temples, etc. 

But few people expect that, in addition to ancient historical sites, Hue also has green patches of pine forests and hills like Da Lat. 

Gia Long Tomb 

Vast rivers, quiet lakes like Tri An Lake, deep blue sea like Da Nang, especially with the best quality mineral springs in Vietnam, where Alba Wellness resort is located and managed by Fusion The world's leading resort hotel group. 

I have been to Hue more than ten times, this place is also the place of inspiration for my active and healthy lifestyle. I believe that when you are healthy, you enjoy life more, you will confidently do things that you have never dared to try before. 

Running beside Huong river

Every time I come to Hue, besides taking the time to check- in places and experience outdoor physical activities, I am also interested in resort activities to connect Body - Mind and Soul.

Therefore, I want to share my whole experience of going to Hue with all my students and friends. Hope this article will make you feel more excited when mentioning Hue.

Hue trip schedule in March 2023:

Here are the outstanding places when visiting Hue city that you definitely cannot ignore.

Imperial City Of Hue - A place with a thousand years of history

Imperial City Of Hue

The Imperial Citadel of Hue is located right on the banks of the Perfume River. The place had kept many unique features of feudalism of the Nguyen dynasty for hundreds of years.

According to my Hue travel experience, you should visit this place in the spring, the weather is cool and fresh.

Minh Mang Tomb 

These monumental systems of mausoleums and palaces of kings all carry the typical art of the ancient dynasties. I enjoyed a cup of hot tea, in the peaceful and ancient setting of Cung Dien Tho


Thien Mu Pagoda - The spiritual symbol of Hue

Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda is considered a symbol of religion and spirituality in Hue. The temple has an extremely poetic scene, located in Ha Khe, Nguyen Phuc Nguyen street, Kim Long ward, Hue city.

Thanks to the beautiful terrain and charming space, this place has become an inspiration for poets to write lifelong works of art 

Lebadang Memory Space 

Lebadang Art Center

I was overwhelmed by the grandeur and magnificence of this huge work of art when I first came here.

A private contemporary art museum, the most magnificent, state-of-the-art and unique one in central Vietnam

The landscape architecture of the museum with an area of 16.000 square meters is a full–scale "Lebadang Space" artwork.

Lebadang Memory Space

• The paintings, sculptures, installations and "Space" artworks of the world-renowned artist Lebadang are periodically rotated with exhibition contents and display methods up to international standards.

• The museum is the realization of artist Lebadang’s dream about "an immense artwork, a cosmic landscape, a life in harmony with nature and towards eternity". • That the museum is located in Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam, reveals his dream of Hue becoming the capital of Vietnamese contemporary art and culture in the 21st century.

The Perfume River (Huong River) - Hue’s romantic beauty

The Perfume River (Huong River)

Perfume River is the pride of local people, it has a mild climate and possesses a natural beauty that makes many tourists feel satisfied when visiting.

I often go to the Perfume River in both the morning and evening.

Because at Perfume River, whether morning or evening, there are unique activities, no one can refuse the elegant pleasures here.

SUP Surfing on Huong River

In the morning, I liked to paddle on the Perfume River, surrounded by cool fresh air, and the sun shines down on the river. I felt much more refreshed and excited after this activity

Hue Dragon Boat Trip On The Perfume River

In the evening, I enjoyed watching the Perfume River on a dragon boat. Since ancient times, dragon boats were only for nobles or kings and mandarins. And now, it has been widely popularized with dragon boat services on the Perfume River. On the boat, you will be served dinner with traditional delicacies of the Royal Palace, enjoy Hue folk songs and release lanterns to pray for the best.

Join the team to go to Hue in March 2023

Thuy Xuan Incense Village-

Thuy Xuan Incense Village

Thuy Xuan Incense Village is located on Huyen Tran Cong Chua Street, which is a path leading to two other famous places in Hue, Tu Duc Tomb, and Vong Canh hill. This famous traditional village is only 7 km southwest of Hue city center, so it is quite convenient and easy for visitors to check-in. Thuy Xuan is the largest and oldest incense village in Hue, famous for its profession of making incense for hundreds of years. This place is not only a famous traditional craft village of the ancient capital with a series of “blooming” incense facilities in green, red, purple, yellow… but also an impressive Hue tourist destination in the eyes of tourists who love local culture.

Tu Duc Tomb - a Romantic and Royal Resting Place for an Emperor

Tu Duc Tomb

With unique architecture and perfect harmony with the natural landscape, Tu Duc Tomb becomes one of the buildings that make the charming beauty of Hue.

Tu Duc Royal Tomb was built in the Nguyen Dynasty, deserving to be one of the most attractive and indispensable destinations when traveling to Hue City. With just a sport bike, I can enjoy the beautiful scenery and exercise at the same time.

Hue Cuisine

If you still do not know what to eat when visiting this dream city, I have made a list of Hue food specialties that are worth trying. - Steamed Rice Cake (Banh Beo) - Hue Pancake (Banh Khoai) - Hue Lemongrass Skewers (Nem Lui Hue) - Clear Shrimp and Pork Dumplings (Banh Bot Loc) - Mussel Rice (Com Hen Hue) - Rectangular Dumpling (Banh Nam) - Hue Beef Noodle (Bun Bo Hue) - Spicy Noodle Soup (Banh Canh Nam Pho) - Hue Sweet (Che Hue) - Fruit-shaped Mung Bean Cake(Banh Dau Xanh Trai Cay) - Hue Sour Shrimps

Clear Shrimp and Pork Dumplings

Shrimp Meat Salad Rolls

Hue Beef Noodle - Wrap and Roll

Hue has a quiet and idyllic appearance of ancient times mixed with modern features. Therefore, Hue is always a great destination for those who are looking for a peaceful place away from the hustle and bustle of life. And Alba Wellness Resort is the peaceful place that I choose to stay in every time I come to Hue.

The view around Alba Wellness Resort

Alba Wellness Resort, also known as Alba Wellness Valley, is operated by Fusion Group - one of the most famous names, operating hotels and resorts with green and sustainable models. This famous resort is located in Phong Dien district, 30km from Hue city center.

Join Ana to go to Hue in March 2023:

The view around Alba Wellness Resort

Alba Wellness Valley offers an exceptional health and well-being experience through professional services and luxury products. The valley offers a variety of well-equipped and tastefully decorated rooms and bungalows to suit all.

Room at Alba Wellness Resort

The peaceful closeness of this place always makes me feel relieved and let go of all my troubles as soon as I arrive. 

Therefore, I feel like Alba Wellness Resort skillfully recreates my dream home, everything is professionally designed, close to nature, but still classy in a luxury style. 

Meeting friends and the resort Director

In front of the Onsen bathroom

When you come to Alba Wellness Resort, don't forget to try the world-famous Japanese method of health care - the Onsen hot mineral bath.

Hot Spring 

With separate space for men and women, the private onsen area is a great choice to enjoy moments of comfort, relaxation, and hot mineral water. Soaking in hot springs helps to increase health and cure all diseases.

Zipline and Highwire Challenge

For those who love exercise like me, you can't miss Zipline and Highwire when coming to Alba Wellness Resort.

Yoga studio

Alba Wellness Resort also offers visitors a lot of interesting activities such as scenic cycling, visiting organic farms and picking vegetables, picking eggs or yoga meditation activities that are very beneficial for health.

Because of missing Hue so much, I decide to return to Hue in March 2023. This trip will be very special, because I want to invite friends near and far to join with me, we will experience and healing the body, mind and soul together.

Trip details and fares:

Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to create the best memories together in Hue Ancient Capital and experience the resort paradise at Alba Wellness Resort.

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