Affiliate program brings you easy income


Affiliate program, also known as affiliate marketing, is for those who want to introduce sports courses to help change their appearance and practice sports habits online to readers and earn automatic income. Up to 20% for each successful payment.

Instructions for getting links to earn commissions from the course

Benefits from participating in Anaworkout’s Affiliate program

Passionate course

Anaworkout’s course focuses on the right expertise and brings a lot of physical and mental health values ​​to learners.

Good quality

The course is designed and taught by coach Ana who has personal experience losing 18kg in 5 months.

Easy to sell & market

These are extremely easy-to-sell products because people’s need for beauty and health improvement is increasing. Therefore, introducing it to everyone and being well received is very high.

Join easily

You just need to be a student of the course or simply someone who wants to bring health values ​​to everyone, you can participate.

Attractive roses

Very high commission up to 20%, equivalent to you can earn commission up to 999,800 VND for each successful transaction.

Analyze reports well

Easily view your results report, number of visitors, and affiliate links to optimize performance and results.

Good integration

It only takes a few minutes to create an account and use your unique tracking link to advertise to your readers.

How it works


Create Account


Share links


Someone bought the course


Receive automatic commissions

Anaworkout commission

  • 1-20 orders: 10% commission of the course. (equivalent to 499,900 VND/order)
  • 21-50 orders: 15% course commission. (equivalent to 749,850 VND/order)
  • 51 orders or more: 20% commission of the course. (equivalent to 999,800 VND/order)

Tips to get more affiliate clicks

  • Review the course on relevant social networking sites or Facebook groups
    Review on your blog/article
  • Attach link to your course (if available)
  • Attach links to your content on social networks (Youtube, Tiktok, Insta, Facebook,…)
  • Invite friends and partners to join the course via E-mail.
  • Invite friends via chat portal (Messanger, Zalo) with content they are
  • interested in, but do not spam.

Anaworkout Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Affiliate participants need to satisfy one of the following conditions to become an Affiliate Marketer:

  • A website with at least 1,000 visits/month and not a website with spam content will be approved to join Anaworkout’s Affiliate program.
  • One of the social networking sites (Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram) must have at least:

   – Facebook: Have at least 500 followers or 2000 friends or fanpage with at least 1000 likes

   – Tiktok: Have at least 2000 followers

   – Youtube: Have at least 100 Subscribers or 10,000 views

   – Instagram: Have at least 500 followers

  • Just being an Anaworkout student will automatically be approved for an Affiliate account

Anaworkout Affiliate Conditions

  • 30-day tracking cookies. That means customers only need to click once on your link and buy the course within 30 days to receive a commission.Note: if a customer uses a laptop to click on the link but uses his phone to go straight to the website before purchasing, he will not be able to control the commission.
  • The commission is calculated based on the first click, that is, the viewer clicks on affiliate link of affiliate A and then clicks on affiliate link of affiliate B, and finally places an order and makes payment, the commission is calculated for affiliate A. Therefore, there should not be many affiliates. Share related affiliate links in the same Facebook group.
  • There is no limit to the maximum commission earned.
  • Commission is calculated immediately after 7 days from the time the customer completes the order and must be in case the customer successfully purchases the course and does not request a refund.
  • Pay affiliate money with a minimum commission amount of 500,000 VND. If your amount is not enough to pay, it will still be kept in the system until you are eligible to pay.
  • Do not spam links: absolutely do not spam affiliate links through spam messages, social network channels, forums and websites.
  • It is not allowed to register for an Anaworkout affiliate account  and then purchase an Anaworkout course to receive commissions and course discounts. These orders have all been canceled.
  • Do not post false information: Do not post false links about course prices, misleading content, or false promises about the course.
  • Attach appropriate links to blogs and websites: Do not place links on unrelated websites or contain violent content, gambling, etc.

Links placed incorrectly for the above purposes will be permanently blocked and all commissions will be canceled.