Lesson 2 – When to lose weight and how to keep weight?

The process of losing weight is a process that you yourself must learn and listen to your body. Therefore, there is absolutely no set formula, but it is necessary to have a clear goal. I set a goal to lose 10kg in 3 months from the start. From 70kg – 60kg.

However, the initial goal can also change in the process as we gain more knowledge about eating and exercising. At first, I only focused on losing weight, but the more I practice and learn, the more I know that weight is not an accurate measure of the weight loss process, but it is a combination of the following factors:

• Balanced body, toned muscles, less excess fat (This I can measure with Inbody machines available at Gyms to know the proportion of muscle and fat suitable for height, age or anyone who has an electronic scale. Connecting to the health app will make it easier to measure. With this type of electronic scale, I see many people buy it and use it. Please refer to it and try it)

• Eat sensibly, do not starve

• Practice becomes a habit and will follow you for life.

• Cheerful spirit

After the first 2 months, I lost 8kg thanks to diet and exercise every day, I didn’t stop and I didn’t care about the weight anymore. I stopped eating keto and started a more scientific diet and still maintain a daily exercise regimen.

After 1 year of successful weight loss, I still keep my weight at 52kgs but my fat percentage has decreased a lot

It’s a combination of healthy eating and proper exercise into a habit.Healthy eating:If we only diet, we can still lose weight but it will be easy to gain it back because eating is a lifelong affair and fun, and because we are human, it is very difficult to overcome the temptation of delicious food. My sincere advice is that if anyone chooses to only diet and lose weight, they will most likely fail. So, I chose to have a period for the diet and after that time I will eat the delicious foods I like in a controlled manner, not cut it out completely. As I said in the previous post, I chose the Keto diet method because this method is quite suitable for me because I like to eat vegetables, meat, and fat, just cutting starch and sugar is quite difficult, but I did I know in advance that I won’t cut it forever, so I feel more relieved and mentally prepared to not violate. This method helped me speed up the fat burning process in the first 2 months and slowly helped me control my cravings for carbs. After ending the 2 month diet, I don’t feel craving for starch as much as before, but I have controlled it. If before, I ate 1 meal of 3 cups of rice, now I only eat 1 cup of rice for lunch and dinner, I don’t eat starch. Or I eat alternately, one day I eat what I like, the next day I eat healthy food. Being able to control my meals helps me still eat well without overeating. I discovered that the fact that I am fat is not because I eat starch, but because I eat more than my body needs and the Vietnamese diet, from small to large, I always eat starch as the main dish for 3 meals. Due to the lack of exercise, the body cannot expend all the huge amount of energy that it takes in every day. For a long time, the amount of energy loaded into the body will create excess fat and make you fat. Currently, I am choosing to eat a balanced diet, eating a variety of colorful, original, unprocessed foods and not too much spice. I feel like eating like that, helps me balance, feel the natural sweetness of food and always feel relieved. I will share my way of eating in another post, hoping to create more eating inspiration for everyone.Some of the dishes I made for your reference:

Ana .’s colorful meal
Exercise rationally and into a habit:
Exercising is a little different from eating, that if we pass the initial challenge, feel better, and make progress, then automatically we will feel happy and enjoy practicing. From like to practice, I will become a habit and it is as natural as breathing becoming an inevitable part of my life. Until now, after 1 year of practicing without a day off, I can say that I will practice for the rest of my life
I am determined that I will combine both eating and exercising from the beginning to create a habit and this choice of mine is absolutely correct. Because after a period of dieting, I have changed many times with different diets and dishes depending on my mood, but when I practice, I still maintain at least 1 hour of practice every day and I have absolutely no problems. gained weight back, even though there were days when I ate very comfortably. Through a process of self-experience and learning, I know that, although the successful weight loss process, eating accounts for 70% and exercising only about 30%. But in order to maintain weight, exercise has the upper hand. Because when the body is used to exercise, the body’s metabolism is also better, burns more fat and so it is difficult to get fat again. Previously, being fat was due to poor metabolism, unhealthy body leading to excess fat accumulation. Now I feel like I’m 10 years younger and healthier than when I was a student.
What is proper exercise? That is, I don’t like that exercise, but I practice combining many subjects. I choose to combine cardio and resistance training. Specifically, what are my exercises, I will have many more blog posts to share. Regarding cardio, I like running, cycling, climbing, HIIT. Regarding resistance training, I do all bodyweight exercises, training with weights, and training with resistance bands. The reason is that if you only practice cardio, your body will be difficult to balance and easily lose muscle, so you have to both burn fat and practice resistance to gain muscle. When muscles develop, good metabolism in the body will also help burn fat very quickly. Practicing many subjects also helps me to have different views on exercise, richer without being bored, always love to discover new things. My advice is to always have an open mind when doing sports, whatever has the opportunity, you should try it to have interesting experiences. There are so many sports that I haven’t tried yet, so I’m very excited.

Participate in a variety of sports
After 5 months, I successfully lost 18kg and the weight kept until now after 1 year is 52kg, but my body is still changing to be more compact and toned. Currently, I don’t have a weight loss goal anymore, but I have the goal of inspiring exercise to many people, so I started a blog and became a coach. Everyone remember to regularly follow and support my blog and my coach’s path.
I will share more about how to eat and exercise in the next posts….

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