Conditions to participate and win prizes

What to keep in mind when participating in the challenge?

To earn the prize

Workout 5 days a week

At least 30 minute a day

No cheating

Group practice

Practice online with the community and Leader from Monday to Friday (8pm-9pm) via Zoom or Google meet link

Self-workout with videos

Ana’s video self-training is suitable for your time frame, but you need to send a video and image report to the Leader at the end of the day.

Attendance when studying with zoom

Send record of yourself for leader at the end of the day

Send picture of yourself every 5 days workout and send before-after picture at the end of the course

About the reward

Everyone PrizeComplete and report 25 training sessions to team leader or Ana. Big rewardConditions are similar to everyone prize but the person with the most dramatic change (weight, shape, effort, inspiration,…) will be evaluated and awarded by Ana.

What if you miss a day :

  • If you practice online with the community, please continue to practice and complete your missing practice session and send it to Leader
  • If you practice alone, continue to complete the missing session until you finish the course
  •  You will not receive the reward if you miss more than 2 sessions.
  •  Particularly for special cases that are discussed with the leader or Ana will be considered and decided later.

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